Traditional Medicare versus Medicare Advantage Plans

How do you decide on whether to choose between a traditional Medicare benefit or a Medicare Advantage plan? 

Once you become eligible for Medicare you have the option on how to receive your benefits.  First and foremost, it is important to understand the different parts of Medicare and how they work together as well as the significant differences between traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. 

Medicare has four (4) parts: Part A, B, C, and D.  Part A covers hospital care, skilled nursing facility care, home health care and hospice care; Part B covers doctor visits, medical equipment, outpatient procedures, lab tests, x-rays, ambulance services, and some preventive services; Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage, is administered and run by private insurers.  It is just another way of receiving Medicare A and B coverage; Part D provides outpatient prescription drug coverage.  It is also managed by private insurance companies.

Do your homework in gathering and asking questions before enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan.  Your choice is based on your personal situations, which include your health, willingness to change, budget, and accepting financial risk.

When you enroll in Medicare for the first time, you are automatically enrolled in traditional Medicare, but if you prefer, you can choose a private Medicare Advantage plan.  If you choose to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan, you are still in the Medicare program and continue to have Medicare rights and protections, but you have chosen to have your Medicare benefit provided through a private plan. 

Middlebury Convalescent Home currently has Medicare Advantage plan contracts with Connecticare and Anthem BCBS.

The Center for Medicare Advocacy’s website provides information on choosing between traditional Medicare and a Medicare Advantage benefit, and how to explore your options.  Go to for details.

You can also contact Admissions at Middlebury Convalescent Home if you should have any questions.

Waiting List Information

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Middlebury Convalescent Home’s goal is always to be proactive in our efforts to rehabilitate individuals in all aspects of the aging process.  With that said, we are very excited to announce that we are the first skilled nursing facility in Connecticut to have just acquired new state-of-the-art therapy equipment. The NeuroGym ® Technology, Inc.’s Sit-to-Stand… Continue Reading

Our Volunteer

Anya Brych is a volunteer at Middlebury Convalescent Home, who has been volunteering at MCH since May 2015.  She is a UCONN student and will be a junior this coming September 2016. Anya is studying Molecular and Cellular Biology.  Her plan is to become a doctor of oncology.  She has been recently selected to receive… Continue Reading

Update on Music & Memory Program

We are excited to be Music & Memory certified at Middlebury Convalescent Home. This exceptional, personalized music program is rapidly sweeping our nation and is grounded in extensive neuroscience research. Its purpose is to enhance quality of life and promote culture change in long-term care environments. Music can transport an individual to another place and… Continue Reading

MCH is now Music and Memory Certified!

We are happy to announce that MCH is Music and Memory Certified! Very soon we will be creating personalized music playlists to our residents using Ipods. As we all know from hearing that song associated with a first love or the hits that were popular in our teen years, music is profoundly linked to personal memories.… Continue Reading

Thank you Dick Coe!

  On October 16, 2015, Dick Coe and Maggie were honored with a great big thank you from the staff at Middlebury Convalescent Home.  Mr. Coe graciously donated money to our facility in appreciation of the care provided to his wife, Margaret, while a resident here from 2010 to 2014.  The donation was used to… Continue Reading

Expansion of Our Home

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Consistent High Marks from US News & World Report

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