Short Term Rehabilitation and Long Term Care


Are you looking for a loving caring home for someone you love?

Whether you plan to visit for short term rehab or for a place to call home with the care you need, we hope you will call or visit us.  We believe we are just the home you are looking for.  You can browse our site, check out our testimonial and comments page or call Nancy to set up a time to see for yourself.


Middlebury Convalescent Home continues to maintain its legacy of “Care Beyond Compare” in our 57th year . With our unsurpassed ratio of staff to residents, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care and compassion to you and your loved ones.
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Short Term Rehab


Short term rehab helps you recover faster.
Having a plan for after surgery can help you get back to your life sooner. Our short term rehab program helps your body heal. Most doctors suggest short term rehabilitation when patients are released from the hospital as part of your recovery.

Our short-term rehab program provides a  range of care services to after injuries or surgeries to help you regain strength, mobility, and independence. 

We base our rehab therapies on your needs and not just on symptoms or diagnosis. 

Our physical therapy helps restore and maintain movement and functional ability. 

Occupational therapy improves quality of life improves your physical functionality

Speech therapy strives to improve communication including, listening, reading, writing, and language interpretation.

When moving from injuries or surgeries, having a place to help transition back to everyday living and help our bodies heal and get stronger, Short term rehab programs are the key to a speedy recovery.

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